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In 2013 & 14 artist and VCA alumni Helen Gaynor (Film and TV) visited the Victorian town Yinnar.  She worked with the Arts Resource Centre (ARC) at Yinnar,  documenting events and activities there, showing the diversity of activities that happen in ARC Yinnar, and the range of community interests.


Helen also ran a series of film making workshops with groups from Yinnar and surrounding areas and four films from those workshops are shown here.  She  asked the local community what they loved most about living in Yinnar.


To find out more about ARC, visit their website here.

Yinnar Movies


With Helen's guidance residents of Yinnar and surrounding areas  made films that contribute to the state wide project 'Let Me Count The Ways', a Regional Training & Engagement project of the Faculty of VCA & MCM.


These movies can be accessed from the links below.

Yinnar Events


Helen also took film of activities in Yinnar which were edited by VCAMCM students and alumni.


These movies can be accessed from the links below.

Let Me Count the Ways Yinnar

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