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In May 2014 artist and PhD candidate Travis Cox visited the town Castlemaine, Victoria. He asked the local community what they loved most about living in Castelmaine. Their responses were documented and will contribute to the state wide project 'Let Me Count The Ways', a Regional Training & Engagement project of the Faculty of VCA & MCM. Here is a link to Travis's personal web site

Travis described Let Me Count the Ways in Castlemaine like this:


The aim of this work is to produce a short video based on interviews with active community members within the Castlemaine community in which they answer the question, “What do you love about the place you live?”


During the visits to Castlemaine cameras will also be deployed at local events, buildings and landmarks to capture still images with these still images being used by a custom-built program to produce a mosaic-like visualisation of the interviews (see linked videos for an example of this aesthetic). This mosaic, consisting of images of the town and surrounding areas, embodies the visage of the interviewee with the physical presence of the town- intertwining them to the place in which they live.


The video will be recorded over the course of two 3-day periods within Castlemaine in June and July 2014 with post-processing occurring in Melbourne. My first point of contact within the region is Jude Anderson, artistic director of Punctum live performance, with whom I liaised with when organizing the Future Now travelling exhibition (a VCA&MCM/Substation partnership with funding from Arts Victoria). However, the aim of this work is to document the views of a diverse range of the community outside of the arts and contacts will be nurtured before the initial visit to Castlemaine.


Let Me Count the Ways Castlemaine

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